Border Programs Description

Programs at CSNSF Border Programs  2015 – 2016

Societal Seminar

Pat Comella, JD and Louise Rauseo, RN, MS

The seminar provides an opportunity for participants to study the factors that are present in society in the midst of high anxiety. Dr. Bowen’s study of family and society offers guidelines for discovering the real world changes in society that impact lives in the present as well as in the past.

Participants bring their own real life examples for in-depth study of emotional process in society and family. Discovering and documenting these examples bring this study to life.

Pat Comella, JD, as facilitator, has put much of her professional life into studying these forces in a way that can offer a consistent way of understanding the connection between nature and emotional process in society. These seminars are rich examples of theory at a practical level, much needed in society today.

Louise Rauseo acts as co-facilitator to bring the seminar to the Border Programs on a quarterly basis.

Times and Dates: Monday, October 5, 9AM – 12Noon

Location: All Saints Catholic Church Hall
1415 Dakota, El Paso, TX 79930

Registration and Fees: $20 (Registration on Site)

For more information please call Louise Rauseo at 443-623-4021
You may register at the door.

Bowen Theory Videos and Discussion

Anita Ochsner, RN, EdD

This is an opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussion of Bowen’s original thinking about his theory and the implications of understanding family systems for individuals, families, organizations and society.

Time and Dates:  TBA

Location:  All Saints Church Hall, 1415 Dakota, El Paso, TX 79930

Registration and Fees:  $20 each session.  No one will be declined to register because of money. Please speak with Anita Ochsner about Scholarships.  CEUs available.
Please contact Ms. Ochsner to register or for more information: 915-345-4070.

The Family Diagram

Ada Luisa Trillo, MA

This workshop on The Family Diagram enables people to see the family as a system and to study many of the forces that impact individual development using the eight concepts defined in Bowen theory.  Such understanding can be a step in the process of differentiating a more mature self.

Location:  All Saints Church Hall, 1415 Dakota, El Paso, TX 79930

Time and Dates:  TBA

Registration and Fees:  $150 for each part or $300 for total
CEU’s available: $10 each
Please contact Ada Trillo for more information or to register:  915-726-5662.

Programs Under Development

Organizations or individuals can request programs to fit their specific needs or interests.